Saturday, 26 February 2011

Your ebook, Your way

1. Self-Publish Your Ebook

You can self-publish your eBook. By simply compiling the written pages into an eBook (software can be obtained free,,

Then simply register to obtain an ISBN number, and sell your ebook through your own web site.

2. Ebook Publishers that will hand hold

There are eBook publishers who will meet you half way.

An example publisher is
BookLocker. You to deliver the eBook in your best finished and edited form, and they sell it in their store, and provide payment processing etc.

The author maintains control over the eBook's price, and the rights to sell it elsewhere. Royalties are good at up to 70%.

3. A Traditional Publisher

There are numerous print publishers who are vastly expanding their ebook catalogues. Print publishers will require relinquishing control as they set price, and will hopefully be playing an active role in marketing. It’s also important to be aware of just which, often all, of your books rights you are selling.

4. How do you decide?

So, where will see you make the most, and will set your ebook become a household name? That is going to depend on how much time and motivation you have. If you are currently working two full time jobs just to fund your writing habit, well maybe a traditional publisher might suit your time constraints best. If you are newly retired and have spent the last 30 years in marketing, well why hand over half your profits, right?

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