Monday, 21 February 2011

So I have been thinking a lot about blogging, writing, and reading. A lot. As in I probably shouldn't drive as I am too distracted. So here's my thoughts. This blogging thing needs to adapt, and flow, I have too much flow and unequal ebbing. It needs to have a linear progression, and to exhibit things in bite size pieces. I have been reading a lot about what makes and breaks a blog.

This is what I have gathered.

Good blogs

- not too much slang

- don’t be too personal

- not offensive

- drive you to want to start your own blog

- break the rules

- think before you write

- have a voice

- reflect focused obsessions

- product of attention multiplied by interest

- share thoughts

- spell check

- short sentences

- don’t repeat yourself

- posts are made of paragraphs

- style and curation

- are weird

- use only correct facts

- be consistent

- no plagiarism

- quote properly

- be readable

- leave unfamiliar words alone

This post goes against everything a good blog post should have. However, it is useful. Hopefully the mark at the bottom of a steep learning curve.

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