Sunday, 13 February 2011

Poetry to form or not to form

the conqueror wordle by edgar allen poe
“The Conqueror Worm,” a wordle poem by Edgar Allen Poe

When comparing the way a mother cradles her baby in arms, to a stranger trying to sooth that same baby; it is not difficult to foresee the different texture to their comfort. The mother's gesture has been carved from past experience, built up and tutored. The stranger's hold is far more spontaneous, while they exercise the same careful position, they are less tailored, and should the child be dropped there is certainly less emotional investment in it if it should come to pass. Then consider a fisherman holding his fish: his relationship to the fish is far from uncaring, but this care comes out of the necessity generate by how hard the fish is to hold. His grip is cold, cruel even, and full of pride.

Any of these could be describing a poet's temperament towards each line in their verse - the confident, lovingcrafter; the excited but unsure novice; the cold, measured technician.

What kind of poet are you?

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