Wednesday, 16 February 2011

International Opportunities worth your time

Glimmer Train Press, an independent quarterly literary journal started in 1990 by two sisters in Portland, Oregon who personally read all submissions. At is an online journal filled to bursting with information, and writing guides. Submissions must be original, unpublished short fiction. They do not publish novels, poems, or stories for children.

You can select either standard or competition submission. There are no reading fees for standard submission and you receive $700 if your story is accepted for publication. There is a $15-20 reading fee for competition submissions, but the payout is higher.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Anthologies are seeking submissions for upcoming anthologies.

Devotional Stories for troubled time (28th of February)

Brides and Weddings (30th of April)

Marriage and Married Life (30th of May)

Typical pay is $100.00 for first writes, more information can be found at

Not so international...

Forty Fourth Publishing is looking for 100 freelance writers for the launch of their new national arts and entertainment review website in 2011. They are seeking writers of various styles, voices and ages capable of delivering articulate, medium brow reviews, so specialist subject knowledge and expertise won’t be necessary for many reviews, according to the promoter. Writers will regularly have the opportunity to switch subject matter and review a wide range of film, TV, theatre, documentaries and drama. Rates of pay are: £200 for 800-word reviews and £100 for 500 word reviews. All work can be done online. Send at least one review or professional standard article you have written, minimum 500 words in length.

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