Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Good News

The Good News is there are still magazines which are steadfast in their support of fiction, some of which are actually opening their doors a little wider to publish larger volumes of fiction.

Prima who is no longer purchasing fiction, has opened a ongoing competition. They are looking for stories under 400 words, and publishes the best 6 in every issue. The winner receives a cash prize, and runners up receive subscriptions. Perhaps not ideal if you are counting on it for your bread and butter, but the new writer looking to break into print could do far worse than have their name in such a reputable magazine.

Take a Break's fiction feast is very keen to receive submissions. The editors are appreciative of new writers and are quick to say they do read every piece sent to them. They publish 15 + stories an issue, and have no plans to make reductions.

The Weekly News publish 2 stories a week and welcome unsolicited manuscripts. The edito Jill Finlay asks that submissions now be sent by email.

Yours is open to unsolicited manuscripts and is holding on to their bi - weekly fiction slot.

Women's weekly is continuing to publish approximately 300 short stories every year between their weekly magazine, and their fiction specials. Editor Gaynor Davies is quoted as saying she encourages new writers to submit their work, and that they are the life blood of the magazine.

The People's Friend has found demand expanding! As such they are expecting to purchase 11 stories a week.

Hopefully, this will leave writers feeling positive that while streamlined, the women's magazine fiction market still has a pulse and is not be dismissed lightly.

When one door closes, another opens. For fiction writers it could possibly be said when one door closes, three open wide. Our next post will look at the abundance of opportunities for short story writers, and how you can make the most of it.

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