Friday, 8 July 2011

Primo Parole Parlate

Thursday night saw the first Parole Parlate to be held post festival. An excellent audience turn out emphasized how much support there is for the wealth of talent we are blessed with in Worcestershire.

The line up for July introduced some new faces.

Bobby Parker, a Kiddiminster poet selected for Small Press Poet of the Year in Purple Patch magazine. He recently founded Last Change Before Bath Time publications ( LCBB), which publishes pocket size poetry pamphlets. Bobby shared his rich tactile style to great response.

Another new face to Little Venice was Math Jones with his sonnet to an ex - girlfriend 'Coat'. You can read more poetry by Math on the Be: magazine webpage.

From the heartfelt and graceful words of Lyndsey Stranberry - Flynn, the captivating and agile Amy Rainbow, to the engaging and passionate closing set performed by Maggie Doyle, there were words spoken to reach us all.

For those that could not attend, here is Amy Rainbow and Maggie Doyle.

Parole Parlate will be back at Little Venice on August 4th at 7:30pm.

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