Monday, 11 July 2011

Now accepting manuscripts!

Egmont books has its doors open to new unsolicited manuscripts.

They are accepting illustrators too. (Not naming any one *coughs* Sara)

"Finding bright new writing and illustration talent is an important part of what we do and so we really appreciate you submitting your work to us.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept submissions made by post. Anything received in hard copy will be recycled.

However, we are happy to review all submissions sent by email to, which meet the following criteria:


Fiction: please email a synopsis and first three chapters of your novel as a word processed document (saved as a word, rich text or open office file).

Picture Books: please email stories in full in the form of a word processed document (saved as a word, rich text or open officefile).

Texts do not need to be accompanied by illustrations.

Due to the number of manuscripts we receive, we can only accept non-agented submissions from writers based in the UK and Ireland.


Please email a selection of JPEGS together with a copy of your CV. Please note we will also accept art work samples by post.

We will respond to all submissions made by email. Please note that due to the sheer volume of submissions that we receive, this may take approximately six months from receipt of your work.

Our mailing address for art work submissions is: Egmont UK Ltd, 3rd Floor, Beaumont House, Kensington Village, Avonmore Road, London W14 8TS "

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