Wednesday, 19 June 2013

You Can't Be Serious

Andy Kirk and Sue Pritchard perform Andy's play: 'Put It On The List'

The talented members of Worcester Writers’ Circle presented a selection of their humorous stories, plays and poems in an evening at The Hive that left people helpless with laughter! Members of the Circle read from their new humorous Anthology ‘You Can’t Be Serious’ which was launched at the event. Sales were brisk as the writers demonstrated their deft writing skills.

Professionally MC’d by writer Tony Judge, we were treated to many original and inspiring pieces. The pic above shows the play ‘Put It On The List’ written by Andy Kirk and performed by Andy and Sue Pritchard. Andy’s mum was in the audience and the first laugh came when Andy assured us that his play was not based on his mum!

Tana Durham reads the second in a series of ‘Hinny’ stories

Altogether, some 19 members of the Circle entertained a packed studio at The Hive. Tana Durham read the second in a series of ‘Hinny’ stories about a Geordie lass who gets into all sorts of bother.

Copies of the Anthology can be purchased for £4 from Chair of the Circle, Sylvia Herbert – contact Sylvia at:

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